Our Fitted Bedrooms

What Makes Our Fitted Bedrooms Special?

For your clothes only, this is a very personal space where EKOS can help you realise your individual dream sanctuary. Organise your clothes just how you want to, be it the Marie Kondo way or your own unique system that will enhance your everyday routine.

There is no restriction on how you prefer to organise everything, the interior of your wardrobes can be designed to accommodate everything just how you like it. So, don’t worry if you like to hang your trousers full length, an extra long ball gown, or 50 pairs of shoes.

Our aim is to ensure that your new bedroom will provide you just the right amount of hanging space, adjustable shelving and drawer storage to give everything its place.

From inception to completion, we can work with you to create the perfect ambience by incorporating the décor, fixtures and fittings into the design brief. Our choice of materials, styles and finishes on offer will complement the transformation of your bedroom interior.

Attention to detail is our trademark and this is beautifully reflected in our customer reviews...